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Oooooooooooh No News

Well I can play my part for one of the 2 (Yes, 2!) songs that ben has worked on. They both seem pretty cool, but I can't do too much right now cuz I have to study for this totally uncool AP American History test. We did practice multiple choice today and I got soooooo many wrong, even Tuesday got half of em wrong. This is gonna blow, big time, I can just feel it. I wish I had more time and all, but that seems to be my argument throughout life so I will deal. No new lyrics, I've been up to my neck with studying and this prom BS. Why am I going to the prom I don't know. Maybe I'll figure it out, how come Tuesday gets to be the ideal emo kid and not me, dangit! Not that I don't like Michelle a lot, but its so confusing and all and at this point I just wanna get it over with. I'd rather just hang out somewhere with her, thats just the kind of person I am I guess. I hate conventional clothes and events that confine me, I feel all stuffy and I can't wait to get done with it. However, she's always busy so this is my only chance to hang out with her, I guess? Anyways, free limo and tux! But I just wish I could be me, not dressed up and all. But oh well, it'll be over in a week and all, and we'll see what happens. After Friday my life will be normal maybe and it'll all be good. Music is coming and all, I hope we become something... Anyways I spent way too long and I better study, so pizzout.
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