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My little drummer boy pa rum pum pum pum

We might have a new song MAN! OWWWWW! Enough of that for one day. I have a penguin on my arm. I put a penguin that Tues drew in art on my card to BroEd. It was beautiful. We are like obsessed with penguins I swear, it must be the black and white contrast that turns me on just kidding. Cindy is being a total dillhole once again, she gave ben 2 more referrals, and she has yet to write one up without a spelling mistake. I made a sample of how she writes and you can view it at The bitch writes that ben LOOKED at her so she was disturbed. She's disturbed WITHOUT him even looking at her, but thats another story... wait this IS the story. Anyways, the second one was about ben yelling, when he never yelled and more lies and bullshit. I'm gonna put some direct quotes up here soon to show the ludicrous BS nature of these referrals. Anywaysssssssssss, this guitar stuff is gettin better for me, I may finally understand, and I am like obsessed with the song on the bottom. I'm still sore from getting beat on at H2O but it was def. worth it. Well I don't feel like typing anymore even though I'll probly be online for like 4 more hours but shhhhhh! I don't like school and I need a job. Until later, frozen pet shop.

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