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Naughty Naughty You'll Get Caughty!

Hey what's goin on? This prom business is soo tricky, it's comin down to the wire and we're still not EXACTLY sure of all the plans. I won't go into details because I'm so sick of this damn gibberish, but basically, we got a limo, a place to eat, and the prom but we're not sure what we're doin after. Whatever. I'll be soo glad when its all over and we go to Darien Lake. I just want this to be a really great night. You can never really grasp how important you are to someone. I've kinda learned that recently, and I mean I guess I'm sayin' that Michelle is special to me and I guess I'm just a geek and all and I never really show it and blah blah blah enough whining. I just want the night to be special and all because she's special to me is what I'm saying? Who knows exactly what I'm saying these days. The things that come out of my mouth... Anyways, I got a couple more words down, a couple possible songs, we can work with it. I hate school. However I really like English and Amnesty. I hope I can get somewhere with music someday because life is iffy right now. Anyways, enough for one day, GO AVALANCHE GO!

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