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OWW!! Rockin' it at the Wild Rose!

Sum 41 show was awesome I had a blast! We did our little Island Street Team promotion and hung up posters inside the lost before the show and I spotted Deryck, the lead singer, so we walked over there and talked to them. I asked them if they liked hockey (since they're from Canada) but they said they know nothing about hockey so that kinda put us in an awkward spot but they were cool and all and signed our posters it as fun. I told them Outback has goos steak and they took my advice and went there. We met the merch guys, Chris and Ben (ironically) and Chris first worked for Diesel Boy, who me and Ben lov, and then GOB and now sells for Sum. We handed out tons of stuff and it as so much fun. The bands were awesome too, except Shades Apart seemed a little out of their element, but that's ok. It was fun and inspirational.
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