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I was such a stupid kid...

Hey what's up. It's been awhile. Anyways, been real busy lately. One more final then I'm a senior... weird. Anyways, I been studying and all so it's been no fun and all. Hopefully I'll get some $ this summer and it'll all be good. Anyways, it's been SUCH an emo week, pretty weird and all. The music scene is not bad but some things suck. The K-Rockathon usually has good bands, but this year is like the Hot-Topicathon as Ben calls it. It has Papa Roach, Staind, Nonpoint, Crazy Town, Taproot and a few others. So bad, K-Rock sucks so bad, they used to be so good.... Anyways, we're gonna go see Rival Schools on Wednesday, see who they are how they are, promote the shit out of it, ya know. Should be fun. July 6 is soooo up in the air, 3 things going on that night: Vagrant Tour, Living End, and Hellfest. Hellfest is of course the biggest hardcore festival and Thursday will be there but I don't think I'll end up going. The Vagrant Tour is in Rochester but has Anniversary and their awesome moog sound, Dashboard and his awesome acoustic paraphenalia, Saves the Day and their awesome band, and Hot Rod Circuittttttttttttt. It looks awesome but I doubt we'll go. Probly end up seeing Living End, which should be a kickass show anyways.
Musically, not much has happened lately. I'm kinda stuck creatively, and without a tabbing program I can't write down what I'm doing so Ben can hear. Oh well. I'm just tryin to get the fundamentals down so I can be good. Oh, and we still need the other half of the band. But it's goin ok, maybe we can get started soon. Well, I'm off to see the wizard, later.

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