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I think I think I know it all

Things have been blowin ass lately. The prom was a lot of fun, got to hang out with a lot of my friends and Michelle :) and then we went to Darien Lake the next day. That was a lot of fun and the weekend kicked mega-ass. Then Monday shit went downhill, my mom had a mild heart attack and my week just totally sucked ass. I did bad on a history test and it's been hard as hell getting by and all but I guess its starting to get better. Went to the Westcott Friday which was a LOT of fun got to hang out with many cool people and found a new cool activity. Nothin' else really happened, just takin care of mom and tryin to get in shape and all, gotta do a History and Religion paper, oh well. Only like 2-3 more weeks and the year will be over finally. I need a job. I need a girlfriend. I need to find a girl who is not always busy and will hang out with me. I need a girl who really likes me for me that is not alwyas busy and will hang out with me. Oh well, I keep tryin but life ain't buyin' and I can't wait till summer so I can just whine about it all day. Anyways, we're promoting the Sum41 show on Friday which should kick major assketball and we can finally lose those tapes and maybe meet the band that would rock the party that rocks the body. Ah, life is hard. Later.
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